Rolex Explorer II 216570 Watch Review

Rolex Explorer II, reference 216570, along with the submarine, the owner of Greenwich time, and Datejust constitute Rolex’s most popular watch. When the explorer model, like everyone else, was a child in the late 1950s; unlike others, it had two current models that were popular but completely different. The Rolex Explorer, the first model is the closest to the original version of 39 mm, while the Explorer II is 42 mm, more adaptable to modern tastes. In this article, I review the latter model. While any Rolex Explorer model makes a whole tool look at this review, I don’t take it to some mountaineering Odyssey, but I do modern exploration. My account is based on taking a long trip to Asia for a month, exploring a distant land, an old man, and a fascinating culture: China.

First of all, Rolex Explorer is the first exploration of watch design, especially to explore new land and diverse terrain. And today, Casio ProTrek or similar solar multi-function watches will keep you in a distant trek, in the 1950s and early 1960s, when truly exploring the peaks of the poles and the world, there is no quartz watch. Even today, if you’re trying to explore the Earth’s magnetic poles or climb the Everest, Cheap Rolex Replica Watches Explorer may still be a better choice than quartz fixtures because these are exposed to high, low temperatures and depend on external power supplies. However, Rolex Explorer II is guaranteed to work every day as well as it is in extreme temperature gradients and has no power source, except to wear it every day, moving (or winding kings).

Although in my Rolex Explorer II “exploration”, I did not take extreme conditions, I also took it as a typical modern travel journey, including airports, business meetings, business fields, gyms, and outdoor visits in the distance activity. In all cases, the big one is where Rolex Replica Explorer II never felt.

At the airport, the first step is to set up local PDT and family time. When the plane took off, we had an indicated time in Beijing, using the fast condensing feature hour hand, I just put the crown, it moved forward in 8 time zone in China. Interestingly, unlike many countries, China has a time zone! It doesn’t matter if you are in the east and west of China, there is only one. Making it easy to do business, I think, but I imagine that China gets a very different experience in time depending on the country they live on.

Rolex, the most exciting sports watches, especially the modern version, are often multi-purpose. That is to say, they are well adapted to the business and casual situations as well as more sports settings specifically designed. So during my monthly visit, the organization of various types of meetings, I have never used any other watches, really. Rolex Replica Watches Explorer II fits well.

Its implementation of a 42mm all-brushed stainless steel case (waterproof 100m) may be a minor issue if you need a button for a formal event as it is located on a 12mm high wrist. However, it has never been this way for me, it suits all my shirts, even wearing a sports jacket in the cold gray night of Beijing’s winter nights.

In addition to casual use in visiting big cities in Beijing, the most suitable occasion for my Fake Rolex Watches Explorer II is when I spent half a day to go to the Great Wall of China. First of all, the Great Wall is extraordinary, miles and kilometers. This great people’s land was built with a 20-foot wide wall resembling a mountain in northern China, helping to invade Mongolia from centuries alone. It is often considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the only visible man-made building in outer space for a long time.

Going to the Great Wall part of our visit means that the roller coaster-like car took hundreds of feet to the mountain and on the wall. Of course, once there, it is an interesting part. Depending on your health level and pre-dawn time, you can easily walk and climb this magical structure for miles. I challenge myself to at least four towers, round trips, and will be a hilly 10k. Hell, I just finished a complete Iron Man less than a year ago, how bad would this be?

Of course, the Rolex Explorer II has never had a problem trekking through my wall, but my knees, my feet walking and climbing this magical structure. Of course, I also took my SLR camera and made sure to stop, breathe, and take some photos of the landscape. The weather is fine, so the view is miles. The white face of Best Rolex Replica Watches Explorer II has never been. I am very happy to use the 5mm simple link extension to ease my wrists after a tiring day in the sun.

Like many modern Rolex sports watches, Rolex Explorer II comes with a modern brushed oyster bracelet (like a submarine), which is comfortable and screams high quality. Rolex watch bracelets, like any real design bracelet, adjustable screws can remove half of the full link or link. In addition, the bracelet candle from the 21 mm ulle buckle in the 17 mm lug, resulting in a highly wearable 42 mm watch. The buckle includes a protection Rolex shackle, but with the submarine, there is no quick adjustment in addition to the 5mm oyster link, I can easily expand or reduce the wrist extension and contraction of the 5mm bracelet during the day.

Rolex Explorer II is equipped with 3187 caliber Rolex, I found super accurate (COSC Astronomical Clock certification, like all Rolex tubes) and easy to use. It also includes the Rolex Paraflex system to help improve the impact resistance of the watch, as well as the brand’s Parachrom anti-magnetic hairspring, rendering motion against magnetic fields. Quick hour adjustments are like a charm, and dates can be advanced with this feature. The large orange hand is easy to see, and the GMT point is marked in black on the border for 24 hours.

The Rolex “Mercedes” hour hand (originally designed with completely different minute hand simple legibility) and the minute hand larger, bolder GMT than the submarine or Lord II. They also outline black lacquer and are filled with blue Chromalight, while in other Rolex models, they tend to be in 18k white gold. The look of the Rolex Explorer II Rolex is lined up and has been nicknamed from the collector “maxi-hands”. The rest of the dial is the iconic white “polar” color with the cardinal mark and the hour mark (circle), and the black outline is used to complete the unique maxi-dial – and unique clarity.

The rest is clearly Rolex with classic oysters, Cyclops crystals, and the famous Rolex watch dial, this model is less common than Greenwich time than the submarine and owner II, easy to make it more interesting if you want a solid sports Rolex Watch the famous brand, so you will rarely see others wearing the daytime. In fact, during my entire trip to China, I only saw one person wearing the Rolex Explorer II (black dial), although I found countless other Rolex watches.

Although the Rolex Explorer II 216570 is not necessarily the Rolex stainless steel sports watch I absolutely love, its majestic size, simple wear resistance, and lack of popularity make it a thing I often go when I need a modern multi-function watch, I can Wear, casual or sports occasions, however, this is not a common one. For this reason, Rolex Explorer II is a great travel companion, exploring China’s vast land and getting a special location in my permanent collection. The price of the Rolex Explorer II in 216570 was $8,100.