Rolex Day-Date 40 Watch With A New Rolex 3255 Movement

Rolex’s date 40 marks the official update of the so-called oyster permanent date, with “a modern design with a 40mm case” and a new sport with a caliber of 3255. Rolex Replica Watches date 40 will be exclusive to 950 Platinum, 18k Yellow, White or Evergreen Gold. In terms of size, this new version replaces the Rolex 41mm Day-Date II (reviewed here), and its diameter matches the brand’s sports watches (such as Submariner, Daytona, GMT-Master II).

Rolex Day 40 features a series of new dial thin, laser etched patterns that are applied in traditional sunlight finishes. Seen above is the version of “Deconstructing Roman Numerals”, which consists of a large number of hand-made pieces. Laser etching looks as sharp and defined as Rolex Replica sees, but if you want one of these new unique dials, you will have to get Rolex date 40 because they are designed for this version.

Rolex claims the new movement, 3255, to establish a new standard with the highest precision and they do, declaring some data and proper testing: the new movement (following the new caliber 2236, will find it into Lady-Datejust) is strict The twice the astronomical clock is officially certified by COSC. Importantly, Cheap Rolex Replica Watches has developed new “high-tech methods and equipment to test the accuracy of its top-of-the-line timers.”

The fact is that Rolex will continue to carry out official COSC certification tests on all its unenclosed movements. On these new movements, the assembled watches will be internally tested by Best Rolex Replica Watches, the accuracy of which is the accuracy of the new movement design. Times. So how is this extreme precision achieved and maintained?

The new campaign claims to have 14 patents that add up to improvements in accuracy, power reserve, shock resistance and magnetics. It features a new time energy escapement (of course patented), a pallet fork and an emergency wheel made of diamagnetic nickel-phosphorus. This oscillator has an optimized blue parachute clockwork – interestingly, this is not the new Syloxi silicon spring that Fake Rolex Watches launched last year. The parachute is made of a special type of Rolex quasi-magnetic alloy, and no further information is provided about what it contains. The key is that it is said to be 10 times more accurate, and it is definitely the new Rolex 3255 caliber height enhancement and reliable accuracy. The sport, with two-way automatic winding, features an upgraded power reserve that now reaches 70 hours.

The trademark gold or platinum “President Bracelet” also updates the links to ceramic inserts for added flexibility and durability. How these inserts are actually implemented, we will soon see that when actually operating this new version. The Crownclasp is opened with a hinged Rolex crown and is expected to be thinner and even more comfortable.

Rolex’s date 40 has 950 Platinum (Ref. 228206), 18k Everose gold (Ref. 228235), 18k Gold (Ref. 228238) and 18k Platinum (Ref. 228239). The price will be 59,600 Swiss francs for Rolex on the first day of 40 platinum, 35,800 Swiss francs for Rolex on the first day of 40 Everose, 33,200 Swiss francs of Rolex on the first day of 40 gold And 35,800 Swiss Platinum Rolex on the first day of 40 gold. I look forward to a hands-on practice coming soon.