Rolex Datejust Watch: New Official Video

Rolex Replica Watches has just released a new video called “The Spirit of Datejust”, which is two weeks away from Baselworld in 2015 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the iconic Datejust series. Like most Rolex marketing materials, videos are smart, entertaining, and very well written. The “modern prototype of a modern watch…” is very meaningful on many levels – it is too real in many ways.

One of the most interesting things in this video is that Cheap Rolex Replica Watches rarely spends time talking about the modern Rolex Datejust watch collection, with only a few short Rolex Datejust models that you can buy today. In a sense, this video is largely a tribute to the family name of the Datejust product and the history of the series, as well as some of its most notable features (such as date windows, later magnifying lenses over date windows) .

Another theory explains why Fake Rolex Watches didn’t spend more time showing modern products on the Datejust video because they plan to release some new products in the 2015 Datejust watch collection. Rolex’s news on its new products is very safe, but it is well known that they will reveal some information about new products before they make their debut at the watch trade show Baselworld. Will Datejust be updated? Will new models be added?

The last major addition to the Best Rolex Replica Watches series is the Rolex Datejust II, which uses the traditional 36mm wide still available Datejust size and adds it to all Rolex Datejust II models with a width of 41mm (there is a practical review here). This is considered a way for Rolex to cater to the tastes of contemporary watches. In 2012, Rolex introduced the all-steel version of the Datejust II with a rounded frame that previously had only 18k gold-slot bezels – even those with steel cases and bracelets. It’s interesting to think about where Rolex will next put the Datejust series.

Modern Datejust watches don’t look much like the old ones of 1945, but they still have an extremely classic look. I always admire the Rolex Datejust watch is that it does not belong to any major watch category, such as sports watches or dress watches. With the Oyster case (to understand exactly what the Rolex clamshell is), the Rolex Datejust is as durable as a sports watch, but its appearance is more formal. At the same time, Datejust is not as elegant as most watches, for this reason, Rolex Replica has a Cellini watch. Therefore, Rolex Datejust is not a sports watch, nor a strict business watch – but it is a commercial watch.

If you are a collector of Rolex Datejust watches, or if you are interested in high quality watch marketing, then you will like to watch the “Datejust Spirit” video. The watch industry has never shrugged to celebrate the “jubilee” event, and we will see what Rolex has prepared for us (if any) in the Rolex series of Baselworld 2015.