Rolex Chronograph And Speedometer For The Bloodhound SSC 1000 MPH: This Is What Modern Rolex Dashboards Look Like

Rolex Replica Watches used to do this in the past, but in the past decade or so, we have seen few experimental Rolex “instruments” and watches used in special events. The last time we saw this was the Rolex Deepsea Challenge concept diving watch. Of course, Rolex is happy to attach their names to things they like (such as racing, golf and a host of other events), but this is a rare situation where we see real Rolex instruments that people can’t see.


The Rolex Replica Bloodhound SSC speedometer is electronically controlled with high-precision GPS. The system measures 20 position points per second to measure the speed of travel. Therefore, instead of using an in-vehicle system, the speedometer measures speed data via GPS, which is very cool. The speedometer is also crucial to help the Bloodhound stop. If the ship is powered off, its backup battery can last for 30 minutes.


The chronograph can be up to 60 minutes long and the second hand is accurate to 1/8 second. The time computer system is also GPS controlled and the device itself has a small satellite antenna. In addition to the Cheap Rolex Replica Watches brand and style, the Rolex Bloodhound SSC chronograph is also equipped with a backlit display.