Les Artisans De Genève to Rolex Daytona 6263 Watch

Les Artisans de Geneve is a new company that focuses on recreating classic watches from the past, but updates and personalizes where they see fit. I have no doubt about the quality of their work or the qualifications of craftsmen, but I think this is a novel approach that divides the entire community into two. Using the basic model from the current range of brands, the elements of the outer casing, movement and dial are modified or replaced to pay homage to the old, discontinued model. Their first work, Les Artisans de Geneve Tribute to Rolex Replica Daytona 6263, draws inspiration from one of Rolex’s most iconic models, but makes it its way. Rejuvenate and keep up with the times.

This is Les Artisans de Geneve’s first watch with a black and white dial to choose from. These watches, produced in a severely limited run, began to live as a Cheap Rolex Replica Watches before Daytona 116520, from ancient times into stock. This kind of watch in my in-depth study of the details, while how these craftsmen change, keep the real Rolex Daytona 6263 to create this tribute, I think this will benefit the company’s watch in a wider background, ask if we have seen Such a thing.

When I first read this press release, I thought I was considering a proposal to set up a watch department in Bamford, Switzerland, but that was not the case. This company took a different concept of custom Rolex Replica Watches in the style of Banford or manufacturing wear (this Rolex Milgauss is still my favorite Rolex by manufacturing wear). This is more like a tribute to repairing a watch into a contemporary work. This reminds me of ICON Automative and how they handle cars.

Speaking of the details… The original Best Rolex Replica Watches Daytona Red 6263, released in 1967, was driven by the Valjoux 75. That is a manual action. This version features an improved 4130 basic caliber and an automatic movement. Les Artisans de Geneve has customized two main customizations to print their seal on this project: a beautifully decorated 22-carat gold rotor weight replaces the standard oscillator with their name; in addition, a gold balance bridge has been installed. Changed the overall appearance of the caliber.

Rolex Daytona 6263, its “big red” nickname comes from the big red Daytona, which bends around the top of the six o’clock indexing plate, which is crucial for Geneva craftsmen. It is said that the team spent more than two years studying the nuances of the dial. In 78 hours, nine craftsmen worked together to assemble the dial. The dial and the updated pointer (although not the same as the original, but evolved very well) provide extraordinary legibility, and when they are paired together, they are the epitome of a racing timer.

Other external improvements include the hand-made “push pump” pusher piece, which still guarantees 100 meters of water resistance, but also provides a smooth look and feel to run. The sleek look is complemented by a bakelite frame, reflecting the 1970’s fashion. Now, we are used to making steel, aluminum or ceramics the main material for panel inserts. This material gives the piece a true retro, authentic feel, and it’s worth a try because it revives the almost forgotten bakelite technology and becomes a luxury.

Finally, the modifications to the case and strap are re-polished (manually completed) to match the finish of the original model. This was done by their in-house polishing master Tiago (and part-time models on the site/local heartbreakers). From the results, they have reason to scream for it – at least from the front, this watch looks really like the original. Turn it over and see the back of the glass case, a custom gold rotor and balance bridge, and a decorative movement other than Fake Rolex Watches may break the illusion – or maybe not. Les Artisans de Geneve only produces two watches per month, and I look forward to the next product. Rolex Daytona 6263’s “Les Artisans de Geneve Tribute to Rolex Daytona 6263” is priced at $22,458.