Cost Of Entry: Rolex Watches

“Incoming Costs” is a new column on aBlogtoWatch that explores the cost of buying the cheapest watches. In each issue, we will look for and discuss in detail the cheapest models available from the most popular watch brands on the market. Unless we specifically mention it, we will focus on men’s watches.

Our goal is to understand the cost of entering if you want to have a new watch from many of the most famous brands and our favorite watches. We won’t stop here, we will analyze how much you have gotten, perhaps, how much you will miss when you consider the brand’s most famous qualities and some obvious alternatives.

We decided to start with Cheap Rolex Replica Watches, a brand that millions of people around the world are eager to have. In its history, Rolex has not only become a benchmark, measuring many people in the watch industry, but more importantly, watching many purchases as gifts or celebrating yourself an important moment and achievement in their lives, although this sounds like Marketing speech, in this case, it is a fact that can no longer be opposed.

Interestingly, we can find statistics on Rolex’s most popular watch designs, as well as the specific models that people around the world have most closely associated with. Even without the exact information, we can safely say that it must be Rolex Datejust and the submarine – probably the most copied watch design in history. However, if you want to buy a new watch with the word “Rolex” on the dial in 2015 – and promise the least possible financial expenditure – you have to consider another model: the Rolex Oyster Permanent Watch.

As for the name of the model, Rolex Oyster is a typical Rolex forever: although all other oysters collected in their name contain the phrase “oyster permanent” (such as oyster permanent submarine or oyster permanent spaceship Daytona), here, no extra Phrase addition; with these, you will see that the simplest and most direct Rolex Replica Watches is produced today.

In addition to the name itself, you will find that all of the 2015 Rolex Oyster watches are made of pure steel, and different sizes of watches have different dial colors to choose from. At Baselworld 2015, we personally experienced the latest three new models with a width of 39 mm. They are available in sizes 26, 31, 34, 36 and 39 mm wide, with a price of $4,850 for a 26mm, $5,400 for a 36mm and $5,700 for a 39mm. This is the largest, 39mm version we have chosen for this feature article, with reference to 114300, as this is the model that most men will choose to wear all oysters for permanent selection.

Equipped with blue, red grapes or dark enamel colored dials, the latter can be said to be more mature buyers, ladies’ red grapes, especially the largest Rolex 蚝 permanent still fully wearable women usually smaller wrists, blue For the all-rounder of elegance. Finding the watch that best suits your taste and budget is easier than ever. In short, the Rolex Oysters permanent collection has more than a dozen different options – depending on size and dial color. This choice is not always effective, especially for entry-level brands.

Now let’s see what you got and what you missed when you went to the permanent collection of Rolex Oysters. First of all, this won’t surprise most people, you will definitely get uncompromising Fake Rolex Watches quality when it comes to fit, finish, execution, and overall wear comfort – you even get 18k white gold hands and index. This bracelet is Rolex’s famous oyster bracelet on 904L steel, offering superior wear comfort and a versatile look that won’t be out of date when doing sports or attending formal events. Although the bracelet is really good, it doesn’t have some more unique configuration features and feels lighter than some of the more expensive Rolex watches. In other words, this is still a Rolex bracelet, but it is the most basic Rolex bracelet available.

For sports, the interior is made up of 3132 in the oyster permanent characteristics of all the bells and whistles you expect: Rolex’s “Shun” blue Parachrom hairspring, Breguet overcoil, large balance wheel, four Microstella adjustment screws, and manufactured Paraflex The shock absorbers are all mounted to the 3132. The power reserve of about 48 hours is also the same as the 3136 movement of Rolex II. In other words, what you get is a sport that exists in a more expensive watch, a sport that doesn’t sacrifice any quality because of the lower price.

So what might you miss? Compared to its direct internal replacement (also steel, priced at $7,150), the Rolex Datejust II (see 116300) will of course add a cyclops to the crystal. To provide the date function, and it is worth noting that its diameter will increase by 2 mm to 41mm. In addition, Rolex’s bracelet Datejust II has a polished center link instead of all-brushed Rolex 蚝 permanent, premium price, you also got Rolex’s 5mm company Easylink as a comfort extension folding buckle, and Rolex 蚝 never has this feature.

Going up again in Rolex’s internal food chain, we met Rolex Replica 114060 (no date version). Here, the difference between the two is similar: the size of the Rolex submarine is slightly larger (40 mm, 39 mm), which is actually much larger to wear due to the design of the “boxier” ear. The Rolex Submariner 114060 is equipped with the patented Rolex Glidelock fine adjustment buckle that delivers up to 20mm in 2mm increments – a truly useful feature and definitely not just for diving. Interestingly, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Motion’s 3132 sport, you did get Rolex’s own Paraflex shock absorption system, and the controversial movement, more like the tool watch’s Rolex submarine sailor’s caliber 3130 does not have this feature.

Last but not least, the Rolex oysters have a water resistance of 100 meters per second, while the Rolex submarine has been tested for 300 meters. However, if you want to consider the more sturdy look of a Rolex submarine – certainly a more “famous”, more recognized look – you have to pay an extra $1,800 to get a $7,500 “no date submarine”. Price.

Putting these dry specifications aside first, we must consider which of the two specifications is more versatile. The Best Rolex Replica Watches submarine has long been touted as an “all-round watch” with a suit, just as it does on the high seas. Rolex’s eternal tonality is a bit more formal in the aesthetics, and despite the three-piece strap and smooth border, it still shows quite a lot of old-fashioned power making it look like an air-conditioned office.

After comparing it to two internal alternatives, let’s now look at what other factors you might want to consider before launching a new Rolex Oyster permanent watch. Staying in the Rolex field for a longer period of time, we bring you the Tudor style (this is a full review published the day after). This Tudor strap watch is available in 38mm and 41mm sizes. The Tudor watch on the leather strap shown retails for $2,200 or $2,325, and the watch on the steel strap costs $2,300 and $2,425, respectively. This is $3,400 lower than the price of Rolex Oyster Perpetual. In addition to the Rolex name, what you lose here is of course the Rolex manufacturing movement, because the Tudor is 2824 caliber. Operating at a modern 4 Hz frequency, the 2824 offers three date indications and a less modern 38-hour power reserve – almost half a day less than Rolex. In addition, on some Tudor-style models, special materials and finishes have some serious legibility issues, which means they end up becoming harder to read, and Rolex oysters are permanent.

Another option is the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Spindle Table, a series of watches with different dial colors, either 38.5 mm or 41.5 mm wide. The most important difference between the correct model and the larger model of around $6,000 is the property of the 15,000 Gaussian anti-magnetic movement. Since only the use of non-ferrous materials in its construction can be seen through the sapphire case is still rejected. Greatly resistant to magnetic fields. A steel case and bracelet, as well as five different dial color combinations, are available in this collection for a few hundred dollars. If anything is different, the new Omega Aqua Terra Master coaxial product may be Oyster Perpetual’s most powerful competitor.

Throughout the series, we will always try to find internal and “external” alternatives to replace the cost of imported watches, just as in today’s luxury watch market, there is too much competition in any price area. However, at the beginning of this article, we said that we intend to find the most affordable model in the product line of a famous brand. By doing so, we determined that “when it comes to suitability, completion and execution, you will definitely get no Compromise the quality of Rolex.”

In summary, as we saw above, in the 39mm wide Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300, you almost got everything that makes Rolex Rolex. Despite this, Rolex has retained some of the more expensive models. Compared to other great products from manufacturers, the more eye-catching features you sacrifice when you get a Rolex Oyster permanent watch are date indicators and one of those smart bracelet expansion solutions. It can be said that for some people, the lack of dating function may be a big deal (but then, those people simply don’t consider the Rolex 永久 permanent wristband), and no bracelet is a big problem, but certainly not Missing additional issues.

Compared with Tudor and Omega, Tudor has a great advantage in price, but it misses the reputation and fineness of Rolex’s movement, while Omega remains the same in price range, but it has strong resistance. magnetic.

However, at the end of the day, if you want a beautiful, restrained Rolex big dial with blue, gray or purple with perfect symmetry, plus you like smooth crystal without Cyclops, then Rolex 蚝 permanent 114300 is very May make a good choice, a powerful and recommended entry into the world of Rolex.

In essence, if you like its cautious design and direct functionality, we can say that if you spend money on entry-level Rolex watches in 2015, you will not be disappointed. , Rolex oysters permanent 39mm 114300 steel pricing, once again, $ 5,700.