Celebrating The 100th Anniversary Of Rolex’s First Observatory Certified Watch

The dial is proud to say that all Rolex Replica Watches are now certified as astronomical clocks, which means that each has undergone rigorously tested timing accuracy. With this in mind, we can – and maybe we make the accuracy of a Rolex watch for granted, now let’s take a look at the time and discover that the Rolex watch has created the first astronomical clock certificate, tested and gained incredible Asked the Qiu Tianwentai 100 years ago.

Prove that the precision of the high-end watches of interest will certainly be familiar with COSC (Controle Officiel Switzerland des Chronometres), the official Swiss Astronomical Clock Test Institute has issued certificates since 1973. The history of astronomical clock certification dates back hundreds of years, along with the performance of these clocks and superior quality and timing pocket watches that actually act as navigational instruments on the deck of the entire sea. Therefore, the accuracy of such equipment is critical, just as deviations over a few seconds per day will largely compromise the accuracy of the ship’s position.

While the watch from the world of a lady accessories becomes a day-to-day wear that is quite complex and worthy of special articles, now we will focus on the only biggest problem with the earlier the wearing of the watch example, reliability. We also discussed the related issues of resistance (or lack of) dust and water in our history articles about diving watches, and now it is equally important for us to focus on other issues that watch manufacturers have to face: timing accuracy. In addition to being quite fragile and requiring special care, early watches were also extremely inaccurate, with gains and losses of more than a few minutes per day, destined for their jewelry or accessories rather than “real watches”, telling time in a reliable way.

The founder of Hans Wilsdorf Cheap Rolex Replica Watches is the first to realize that watches can never be truly popular, as long as the above key issues remain. At the time, in the first decade of the 20th century, he was also one of the few must-see and believe in the potential of watches to become a must-have item. It will be worn by not just the rich, but by almost everyone in the world. It is this strong belief that motivates him to find a solution to the reliability problem of the watch. Actually telling you the whole story we must note that as early as 1910 his perseverance coupled with some company’s clever engineering solutions led to the first day clock certified by Rolex watches, although today’s brand does not communicate the details of observation or astronomical clock Quality certificate.

Having said that, it is this very early achievement that shows the potential of Wilsdorf and his team at Best Rolex Replica Watches, which ultimately leads to really important today, as we are discussing. After their initial success in 1910, they continued to further study the accuracy of the watch movement and only four years later, in 1914, their work came to be realized, as a small gold Rolex watch was awarded the “Class A” certificate for the first time. Qiu Tianwentai is in the UK.

Why this is a very important historical moment watch is that the Church of the Astronomical Observatory is the world’s most famous institution awarded the Astronomical Clock Certificate is the responsibility of Qiu to submit all the watches to ensure that they are reliable enough for the Royal Navy. The Observatory’s requirements are met by 45-day long-term tests for all watches in five different locations, at three different temperatures (cold, oven-hot and environment) and small Rolex watches are all on average less than + 1 second per day. speed!

For those who are addicted to timing accuracy, we recommend browsing the top of the image as it is “the result of the abstract experiment,” in other words, the documentation, including the results of the interest rate submitted to the test of the Fake Rolex Watches Observatory. When the astronomical clock is tested (or competitive), the point is to get 100 points in the different categories and the hills can be tested – the perfect watch, this is. 40 points are awarded to those who are completely lacking in daily rate changes (ie watch + 0 seconds running day), 40 minutes of absolute free change speed and position change (ie the position of a watch whose timing performance is not affected), and 20 The effect of perfect temperature compensation.

There are a lot of things to consider about watches, of course, you can’t take everything for justice. For example, the sport can be adjusted to run at a near-perfect speed in one location, which will greatly disrupt the interest rate at other locations. This is a game of all the balance performance data, the main power of the torque, the balance wheel of the moment of inertia, and the length of the balance spring. The small Rolex Replica has a total of 77.3 points and 100, achieving “significant advantages.”

In summary, what makes this achievement really important from our perspective? Specifically, this is a hundred years ago today, July 15, 1914, a tiny gold watch finally proved that the watch is The body is able to be accurate, and maintenance claims that in the past 45 days in a controlled environment, many disasters submitted by real life will be held.

In essence, the watch was a bumpy beginning in the early 1900s, and it was considered fragile, unreliable and inaccurate. In the past century, it has become highly accurate, more resistant to shocks, temperature changes, and water, and has therefore become an important part of people’s daily lives. But all these incredible feats may never be realized, the watch is still notoriously inaccurate, presenting its useless purpose in addition to wearing jewelry or accomplice. In view of this, we should trace the history of watches to a hundred years ago, acknowledging that a century ago it was a little bit to prove that watches can be accurate and larger, more traditional clocks and pocket watches.