Programming Your Subconscious

Today the emphasis on you to realize the powers of your subconscious mind is more than ever. It is the need of the hour to accept the fact that nearly 97% of your life is being guided by your subconscious. Once you accept this, then you must change the conditioning of your mind. This can only be done by studying this subject in-depth. In today’s times, your best virtual mentor can be Bob Proctor. He teaches all about paradigm shift and how to indulge in effective subconscious mind programming.
You need to give an all-out effort and practice these subconscious mind exercises on a daily basis until you master them. And then circumstances will be in your favour. Everything will manifest as you desire. But first make these three steps as a second nature to you:

Self Affirmation

This is a part of autosuggestion. The process of self-affirmation can be powerful if practices the correct way. Make it a point to speak things in the present tense. Believe as if you have realized your dreams, though at that moment you are still in the process of chasing them. But your conviction should be so strong that you are not able to hear the negative voices of yourself or of someone else. And the ultimate truth for you becomes (something like this):

I have reached my goals
I am the best
I am very happy in my life
I have overcome all obstacles in my life


Visualization is the art of experiencing your ultimate goal with great ease in the present moment. This is different from self-affirmations. In self-affirmations, you verbally affirm to yourself about all the things you want in your life as though you already have (achieved) them. In visualization, you experience your end goal in the present moment. You make your subconscious mind to believe that achieving all this is easy and the outcome shall be greatly in your favour in terms of comfort and happiness.

Self Hyponsis

Very few people practice self hypnosis. You can achieve this by elevating your concentration powers. This state is developed with sheer practice and is the toughest out of all the subconscious mind exercises. But when you achieve this, you can modify your paradigms as per your wish. The switch in the mind becomes effortless.