The Hidden Secret of Subconscious Mind

It is imperative upon each one of us to understanding the working aspect of our subconscious mind. 95% of all of our activities is being driven by our subconscious. There, we must learn to use our subconscious mind effectively. One of the stalwarts on this front is Bob Proctor. Thanks to him for breaking up the functioning of our subconscious in the form of a step-by-step list.


Napoleon Hill talks about this in his book, Think & Grow Rich. Though, autosuggestion is being used since thousands of years, but this concept came to the fore in 1884 by Emile Coue. After a lot of researched, he came to the conclusion that majority of the problems and ill-health is created by human being themselves, using the invisible powers of their mind.
Emile Coue said that the human imagination is 30,000 times more powerful than human will. People can use the power of their imagination to heal themselves. Everything is being controlled by the subconscious mind. Though, psychologists and doctors do not communicate this method to their patients (they are in a commercial business), but the fact remains.

Working Aspect of Autosuggestion

You might wonder as to what makes this process so powerful? It’s simple. The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between the truth and lie. Whatever you feed to your subconscious, it eventually believes.
You might have encountered people who believe in positive self-talk and positive affirmations. Some of them succeed. And some of them keep trying this process their entire fail but in vain. So what’s the difference in the approach of both people? It’s using the powers of autosuggestion as described by Napoleon Hill. Follow it step-by-step. You need to have a burning desire and a strong reason to affirm whatever you are affirming. And you have to take massive action along-with it. Then you will see things manifest in the physical realm of life.